VoterConnect Infrastructure

VoterConnect is designed to make grassroots management easier and more efficient!



VoterConnect has multiple administration levels for use by people with different responsibilities.

  • The National Administrator handles nation-wide issues, and campaigns and is in charge of website content updates, online store configuration, news releases, and organization policies.
  • The State Administrator handles State-wide issues, campaigns, and member management.
  • The Member control panel enables Members to respond to the organization's requests as well as to create and build their own trust network to support the organization's issues.
  • The Associate Area allows Associates who were signed up by a Member to support issue and candidate campaigns.
  • The Public Portal shows the organization's public advocacy issues and offers a place where new Members can join and the public can make donations.


The following modules are individual modules that can be ordered separately within the pricing plan.

VoterConnect Exclusive Features

Force Multiplication

Group advocacy powered by Trust Networking.


Personalized Campaign Tools

Administrators can prepare personalized issue and candidate campaign tools such as announcements, flyers, and phone scripts.


Power Lobbying

Closes the gap between advocacy and action by targeting exactly the right legislators and their committees.


Proprietary District Matching

Industry's most accurate address based jurisdiction look-up engine.


Industry's most robust reporting system

Ability to generate reports with a variety of focuses. Administrators can customize reports with filters and display columns.


Multilevel administrator control panels

From National to State to local, VoterConnect provides the precise level of administration management to suit your needs.