Feature Tour - Auto-populate District Matching

Because VoterConnect's issue and candidate campaigns are organized and executed according to districts and jurisdictions, accuracy of information is extremely important. VoterConnect has developed a proprietary method that synchronizes US Postal Service and US Census Bureau data to produce the industry's most accurate political jurisdiction information.

When a Supporter registers or his information is batch uploaded, VoterConnect automatically geocodes his address and generates applicable political jurisdiction information.

Based on this information, VoterConnect populates legislator information for each district level, stores it in the database, and displays it on the Supporter's "My Officials" page.

For each campaign, VoterConnect queries the database according to the jurisdiction defined by the National or State Administrator and calls Supporters in that jurisdiction.

Feature Highlight:

VoterConnect provides the following jurisdiction information:

  • Congressional District
  • State Upper House District
  • State Lower House District
  • Tribal
  • County
  • Municipal
  • School District
  • Zip+4
An Administrator can also implement jurisdiction matching for targeted email campaigns by using filters to send eNewsletters only to Supporters in a selected jurisdiction.

VoterConnect's "Mark and Drop" feature allows Supporters to manually correct their geographical location thus assuring 100% accuracy of district information.

VoterConnect Exclusive:

VoterConnect is the only system that uses manual correction to ensure 100% accuracy of jurisdiction and district information.