The Differences

VoterConnect is designed to make grassroots organizational management easier and also to make your efforts more powerful and effective. Or, "multiplying connections, maximizing impact," as we like to say. VoterConect was created by experts from two core disciplines:

  • Health care professionals with 30+ years experience in grassroots advocacy and management.
  • Political campaign / government affairs experts with 40+ years experience in federal, state,and local jurisdictions.

Designed with the input and insight of industry experts with hands-on experience, VoterConnect fills many of the feature and function voids common with other products. Here are the key differences:


Trust Networking

We have learned from face to face grassroots management that people respond better to requests for support from people they know and trust. VoterConnect draws on this and provides a powerful platform to utilize the relationships between Members and the people they know.

With VoterConnect, Members can sign up their friends and family members to support the organization by becoming Associates. Members can stay in touch with their Associates by sending eNewsletters. As an added feature, Members can mobilize support by forwarding issue alerts and candidate campaign materials to their Associates.

VoterConnect does group advocacy by force multiplication and expands your organization's efforts exponentially.

  Take a tour to see how to build a Trust Network.


Power Lobbying

Bills are normally discussed first in senate or house committees, and for better results that's where and when your lobbying should start. With VoterConnect, your organization can find the legislator information for any senate or house committees and have the system locate the members who are in the same jurisdiction. The organization can ask their Members to exert their influence earlier by contacting their legislators during the bill's early stages of review.

A lot of organizations still use a blanket approach to lobbying. They ask their Members to contact all senators or representatives regardless of whether or not the legislators are in the actual committee that is discussing their issue. Power Lobbying is a more targeted, more effective tool.

  Take a tour to see how to create an issue campaign.


Powerful issue and candidate campaign tools generator

With VoterConnect, organization Administrators can create high-impact issue and campaign tools for supporters to use. While VoterConnect provides pre-designed tools such as banners, flyers, and phone scripts, Administrators can also custom design tools for particular issues and candidate campaigns. These diverse tools encourage maximum participation from supporters. Members can print the tools from their own computer and take action right away.

This provides tools to supporters for maximum participation. Members can print out the tools right from their own computer and participate in the action right away.

 Take a tour to see how to create candidate campaign tools.


Proprietary District Matching

Accurate district matching is the backbone of successful issue and candidate campaigns and VoterConnect offers 100% accuracy!

The system matches Supporter and legislator jurisdiction information and prompts Supporters to contact the legislators from their district.

Our proprietary system auto-populates jurisdiction information using US Postal Service and US Census data. In addition, Supporters can use our exclusive "Mark-and-Drop" feature to correct their geographic location thus further assuring 100% accuracy.

 Take a tour to see how Supporters can correct their map location and how the system auto-populates jurisdiction and district information.

Most robust reporting system

We understand that in grassroots management, results depend on measuring what is working and what is not. At VoterConnect, we provide your Administrators with 360 degree reporting capability. Standard reports track the activities and performance of each module. Administrators can save reports in Favorites folders for easy access. In addition, VoterConnect gives Administrators the power to run customized reports by applying filters and selecting display columns.

In addition to running reports by module, VoterConnect can generate reports by State showing each State's performance for each module.

 Take a tour to see how the reporting system works.

Multilevel Administrator control

VoterConnect can be used to run issue and candidate campaigns for different districts, federal, state, county, and city, and even school boards. We include National and State Administrator levels. The Member Control Panel can also be used by District Directors to handle matters at the district level.

 Take a tour to see the Control Panels for the following:

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