Feature Tour - Create an Candidate Campaign

The Administrator can run candidate campaigns for federal, state, county, city, and school board offices. He/she can prepare endorsement letters for Supporters to send, create various campaign tools for Supporters to use, and run various performance reports.

This tour shows how to create a campaign for a Congressional candidate.

First, the Administrator creates a candidate profile, which includes details such as political party, demographics, district maps, FAQ, etc.

Second, the Administrator creates candidate campaign tools for use by Supporters and sends out the candidate's announcement to Supporters in the network.

VoterConnect Exclusive:

Administrator can create personalized candidate campaign tools such as invitations, flyers, posters, endorsements, and phone scripts with built-in Image/Maker and TextEditor.

Supporters receive email notifications from the Administrator and log on to their control panels to take actions, such as printing yard signs, making donations, and becoming a volunteer.

VoterConnect Exclusive:

Members can help candidates reach out to supporters beyond their base by forwarding Candidate Profiles to Associates in their trust networks.

Voter Connect helps you track actions by generating reports on Supporter activity and Campaign Tool usage.

VoterConnect Exclusive:

In addition to standard reports, Administrator can generate Customized Reports by applying filters and custom fields.